Heart Chakra

hchakraThe Heart Chakra; or 4th Chakra – Sanskrit name; Anahata – As one would think, the heart chakra deals with matters of the heart including love and compassion where we connect to both personal and unconditional love. The element associated with the heart chakra is WIND. It rules the heart, thymus, arms and hands. The physical location is the center of the chest-heart area, or 1st, 2nd and 3rd thoracic vertebrae, the actual heart and circulatory system. The color/s associated with the heart chakra are green, which symbolizes harmony, abundance, and sympathy, and also pink; which symbolizes softness, affection and love -encouraging the heart to soften and allow more love to flow without judgement. This love center of our human energy system is often the focus in bringing about healing. Thus, the words “Love Heals All” have great truth. Hurtful situations that can effect our emotional being are divorce or separation, grief through death, emotional abuse, abandonment, and adultery. All of these weaken the heart chakra. Physical illnesses brought about by heartbreak require that an emotional healing occur along with the physical healing. Learning to love yourself is a powerful first step in securing a healthy fourth chakra. The “wounded child” resides in the heart chakra. The heart chakra is all about love. When the heart chakra is open we are open to change and growth. We fell sympathy and empathy, and are sensitive to others. The heart chakra is associated with hopes of the future and awareness of our spiritual purpose. This chakra integrates and connects opposites, ego and being connected to all that is the mind and the body. When it is open, we are compassionate and friendly; we experience love, joy, acceptance and fulfillment. When our heart chakra is closed we have fears about our involvement with others. We may distance ourselves from others. We may have an inflated ego; we may be jealous and ungrateful. We may have circulation ills, high blood pressure and seasonal allergies .
Balancing the Heart Chakra with Essential Oils: Rose, Neroli, Frankincense, Bergamot, Jasmine, Carrot, Lavender, sage and sandalwood. Rose is especially helpful when dealing with the heart chakra as it soothes emotions, depression, grief, jealousy, resentment, anger, frustration, post-natal depression, insecurity, irritability, moodiness, nervous tension, sadness, shock, stress, and anxiety. It also gives a woman positive feelings of self, love, peace, beauty, happiness, balance, revives the mind, communication with angelic realm, cleanses and strengthens body-mind-spirit, aids in meditation, helps connection with soul, as well as redirects sexual energy to spirit.
Balance the Heart Chakra with Crystals and Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Malachite, Jade and Green Tourmaline. Rose Quartz is the most important crystal to use when balancing the heart chakra, it is the “love stone”, and help bring a loving, gentle, calmness, clarity, energy of love, energy to the area and help to heal emotional wounds, stress, and tension which can cause blockages or stagnation in the area. If you are holding anger or resentment over a past relationship, use the essential oils along with the sounds, crystals and flower essences to aid in your full balance of the heart chakra. This will help to let go of those negative feelings and bring a calmness and forgiveness to your heart, and will open the heart chakra to fully accept the rest of the balancing. 
How to Use Essential Oils to Balance the Heart Chakra: First, choose a blend that speaks only to you. Try the oils listed for the heart chakra and notice which oils you are drawn to. Please,refer to root chakra for instructions on how to use essential oils to balance the heart chakra, as the method described there is useful for all the chakras.

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