Throat Chakra

tchakraThe Fifth Chakra (Vishudha) or Throat Chakra:The fifth chakra is also known as the throat chakra or in Sanskrit- Vishudha (which means ‘pure’) and relates to communication and divine will, creativity, self-expression and the search for truth. It is where we speak our truths and take responsibility for our words. The corresponding body parts associated with the throat chakra are the throat and neck, esophagus, mouth, teeth, upper lungs and respiratory system, ears, thyroid and parathyroid glands. The throat chakra also corresponds with the element of ether. The corresponding colors associated with the throat chakra are blue, and sky blue. Blue symbolizes inspiration, devotion, infinity and religious goals, and the color blue also produces a calm and peaceful feeling. The throat chakra enables us to communicate our thoughts and feelings, and is directly connected to the ability to express inner creativity. Both our teaching and learning are affected by the balance of the throat chakra. A strong throat chakra encourages leadership, the spirit of truth and listening to one’s intuition. We speak our choices with our voices (throats). All choices we make in our lives have consequences on an energetic level. Even choosing not to make a choice such as in repressing our anger (not speaking out) may manifest into laryngitis. We have all experienced that “lump in our throats” when we are at a crossroad of not knowing how to speak the right words in any given situation, perhaps even stuffing our own emotions. A challenge of the throat chakra is to express ourselves in the most truthful manner. Also to receive and assimilate information. Seek only the truth. When obstructed or blocked, we experience verbal, hearing and communication problems, sore throats, poor learning ability, and difficulty in expressing our feelings (telling the truth), also we may experience mouth ulcers, scoliosis, swollen glands, thyroid dysfunctions, laryngitis, voice problems, gum or tooth problems, even TMJ may be a symptom of a blocked throat chakra. Some ways to clear these blockages (besides using essential oils, angelic help, Reiki, crystals and gemstones, sound healing techniques and energy work) are; confession, surrender personal will over to divine will, faith, truthfulness over deceit and learning to take responsibility for one’s own needs. When we open this area, we become a channel for truth and expressions. When we give ourselves over to God and trust that he can help us and truly surrender to his will, we are assured blessings and healing. The Throat chakra is about expressing yourself and communicating verbally and non-verbally. This can be creative expression for an artist. This is what we use to ask for what we want and get those desires manifested! When it is open we are good communicators, we are connected and interact with others to mutually beneficial ends. We are good breathers with an open throat chakra, we can release well and take in the breath of life. We heal better with this open. Not speaking the truth can close this chakra. When it is closed we tend to not speak, to our detriment. We are unable to express ourselves. We may be addicted to cigarettes, nasal inhalers and runners high. We may have fevers of unknown origin, inflammations, chronic throat ailments and thyroid problems. We may be fearful and timid. Blocked throat chakras can bring on boredom, restlessness, and frenetic changeability. Behaving in a manner that is honest and true to your self can help open this chakra. Singing, chanting and mantras open it as well.

Balancing the Throat Chakra with Essential Oils: German Chamomile (or blue chamomile), Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Frankincense, Cypress, Geranium, Carrot seed, Fennel, Myrrh, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Lemon, Sage, Eucalyptus, Orange, Rosewood, Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Ylang ylang and Bergamot.

Balancing the Heart Chakra with Crystals and Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Opal, Crysocolla, Sapphire, Blue topaz, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Sodalite, Blue lace agate, blue kyanite, blue calcite, Aqua Aura, Blue Aragonite, Tanzanite, Larimar, Hemimorphite, and Blue Halite. These stones can aid the healing and cleansing of any blockage or disease of the throat, even internal bleeding and nervous conditions, and blue stones are also helpful with inflammation because blue is a cooling color. (Deep blue indicates intense power, and light blue (or azures) symbolize high ethical inspiration.)

How to Use Essential Oils to Balance the Throat Chakra: First, choose a blend that speaks only to you. Try the oils listed for the throat chakra and notice which oils you are drawn to. Please,refer to root chakra for instructions on how to use essential oils to balance the throat chakra, as the method described there is useful for all the chakras.

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